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Contact: Paul[at]Brunet-Zamansky[dot]fr.

About me

Since September 2021, I am a Lecturer (Maître de Conférences) at Université de Créteil. I teach at EPISEN, and am a member of the Spécification et vérification de systèmes team of the LACL.

I was previously a Research Associate in the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group (PPLV) at UCL’s Dept. of Computer Science, which I joined in January 2017. I was in particular involved with the IRIS project.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Lyon, under the supervision of Damien Pous.

My research focuses on theoretical aspects of software verification. More specifically I study the algebraic properties of various models of program behaviour. My interests also include logic, automata theory, mechanised proofs, concurrency theory and nominal mathematics. I have authored a number of papers in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals on some of these topics.

My CV is here, and you can download it as a PDF in english or in french.

I have profiles on these websites:

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[News archive]
08 August 2021
Our paper on deadlock detection has been accepted at ASE 2021!


My research interests include (but are not limited to) language theory, formal proofs, type theory, relation algebra, automata theory...


[Full list of papers]
Partially Observable Concurrent Kleene Algebra.
Pomsets with Boxes: Protection, Separation, and Locality in Concurrent Kleene Algebra.
With David Pym.
Concurrent Kleene Algebra with Observations: From Hypotheses to Completeness.
A Complete Axiomatisation of a Fragment of Language Algebra.
A note on commutative Kleene algebra.
A Kleene theorem for nominal automata.


My research is the result of collaborations with many friends and colleagues. I have in particular written papers together with these people:

Editorial activities

I have been a member of the PCs of WoLLIC (2020, 2021), CONCUR (2021).

I have been a subreviewer for the following conferences, workshops and journals:

FSTTCS 2014, MFCS (2014, 2017), EXPRESS/SOS 2015, JFLA 2015, FoSSaCS (2016, 2018), ICALP (2016, 2017, 2019), ICFP 2017, Petri Nets 2017, CPP 2018, FORTE 2018, LiCS 2018, CSR 2019, CONCUR 2019, FSCD 2019, ESOP 2020, Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming (Elsevier), International Journal on Software and Systems Modeling (Springer), IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems.


  • Master program in EPISEN
    • Ingénierie des systèmes d'information
    • Bases de données multidimensionnelles et nomades
  • MEng/BSc Computer Science, University College London
    • Computability and Complexity Theory – problem classes (2017-2019) [More]
  • Master program in ÉNS de Lyon
    • Semantics and Verification – exercises (2016) [more]
  • Master program in UCB Lyon 1
    • Calculability and complexity – exercises (2014-2015)
  • Bachelor degree in UCB Lyon 1
    • Industrial Internship – reports (2014-2016)
    • Theory of formal languages – exercises & project (2013-2015)
    • Classical logic – exercises & project (2014-2015)
    • Numeric Algorithms – exercises (2013)
    • Algorithmics and Imperative programming – exercises & programming (2013-2014)