08 August 2021
Our paper on deadlock detection has been accepted at ASE 2021!
21 June 2021
I have been offered a permanent position at EPISEN. I will join this school, as well as the LACL next September!
20 October 2020
I will serve on the program committee of CONCUR 2021. More info will be published on the following website: Qonfest.
26 August 2020
Our paper on POCKA is now available here!
03 July 2020
I gave a talk on our paper on pomsets with boxes at FSCD 2020.
29 June 2020
Our paper on POCKA has been accepted and will be presented at this year's CONCUR!
04 June 2020
I'll be talking about new models of concurrent Kleene algebra at the PPS seminar on Tuesday 9 June at 4pm.
17 April 2020
Our new FoSSaCS paper on CKAO is now available here.
14 April 2020
Our paper on "Pomsets with Boxes", with David Pym, has been accepted at FSCD!
31 March 2020
WoLLIC 2020 has been cancelled.
03 March 2020
My talk on commutative Kleene algebra has been accepted as a short contribution at RAMiCS.
21 December 2019
Our paper on CKA with hypotheses will appear in the next FoSSaCS!